Orbital Pipe Saw – R6

Orbital Pipe Saw – R6

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Pipe OD (inch) 3"-6"
Wall Thickness (inch) 0.08" - 0.4"
Wall Thickness (mm) 2.0 10.0
Approximate Weight (kg) 90
Power Input 1600w
Voltage / Frequency 100-220V / 50-60hz


The LEFON R6 Orbital Pipe Saw is the cost effective, reliable and portable solution for all businesses working within high purity pipe fabrication industries such as Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Chemical and Beverage.

The LEFON R6 adopts cold cutting blade technology to prevent thermal distortion which delivers a precise, straight and burr-free cut every time.

This Pipe Saw offers a fast and deformation-free pipe clamping system.